Get Connected. Grow Your Leadership. Go Deep with God.

We're creating a special opportunity this summer. This season has been marked by disruption, grief, and uncertainty. This is no time to be isolated and alone.


The LaFe Department wants to be here with you. 

This summer, representatives from our LaFe Department have pulled together a series of workshops, paraclete groups, and prayer sessions to serve you.

Topics include:

  • Ministry Leadership

    • #LeadStrong with CliftonStrengths 

    • Leading Yourself, Leading Others, Leading Teams 

    • The Art and Science of Identifying, Developing, Managing Leaders

    • ​Encounters With Jesus Bible Study Series:

    • Making Progress in MPD Right Now

  • Identity

    • ​Embracing our African Roots and Heritage

    • Ministering to Your Family

  • Faith and Spirituality

    • Join a Paraclete Group

    • Cultivating Intimacy with Jesus Cohort

    • Prayer War Room

    • Grieving in Seasons of National Crisis

    • Your Life With God and Your Ministry with God

Click here for more details and to register



ABOUT LaFe Leaders >

All around us God is raising up Latino Leaders: leaders with character and integrity, leaders with a love for Jesus, leaders with the courage to start new things. Our campuses, our families and our communities are desperately in need of men and women who have been called by God to serve with humility and wisdom.

We'll give you tools that you can use for the next 40 years. And we'll help you identify your next steps as a follower of Jesus, as a Latino Christian, and as a Christian leader on campus

Learn more about LaFe and InterVarsity at

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