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Facebook and Twitter give us a great space to share articles, scriptures, and resources that can help you thrive in your ministry on campus. We'd love for you to connect with us, share resources with us, and connect with each other. A significant part of the power of LaFe is that we have each other for support. This is a tremendous gift from God!

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Did you know that we have awesome resources available at big discounts on the InterVarsity Store? Bible studies, guides to help you start something nuevo on campus, discipleship cycles, outreach tools ... there's so much there. Reaching your peers can be confusing and challenging. Sometimes you need a little guidance and support. Resources like the ones in the InterVarsity Store can open a window to help you see new possibilities and try new things.


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All around us God is raising up Latino Leaders: leaders with character and integrity, leaders with a love for Jesus, leaders with the courage to start new things. Our campuses, our families and our communities are desperately in need of men and women who have been called by God to serve with humility and wisdom.

We'll give you tools that you can use for the next 40 years. And we'll help you identify your next steps as a follower of Jesus, as a Latino Christian, and as a Christian leader on campus

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