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December 28-30



Welcome to LaFe 20: RISE, InterVarsity Latino Fellowship's national student conference.  LaFe is committed to developing Latino students who serve the campus community with the love of Jesus as you explore God, faith and the experiences of our people.  


At LaFe 20, Latino students from across the country will gather together to experience God through Scripture, worship, prayer and familia to be empowered to RISE into the freedom, hope, vision and leadership God has called you to as you serve on campus.  


On behalf of InterVarsity’s Latino Fellowship (LaFe) we invite you to come and join the familia at LaFe 20 to encounter God and be equipped to love and serve on campus

About LaFe20


LaFe20 is our 5th national student conference for Latino college students to gather together and explore our shared and individual identities, to engage how faith influences our lives on campus, our families, our communities, and the world.  Our hope is that you will see that you are a part of a larger LaFe familia who want to see our people thrive.

Our theme this year is "RISE: Esperanza Renace."  In Luke 5 we read about a paralytic man whose friends lowered him through the roof as Jesus spoke to a crowded house.  Jesus seeing the faith of the man's friends, forgives the paralytic's sin and tells him to RISE and walk.  The man did what Jesus told him and he walked out singing and praising God.  The man's life changed when he chose to RISE; he walked into a new life, with a renewed hope.  


At LaFe20 we will engage the ways Jesus is inviting us to RISE into new life and influence as we love and serve on college campuses around the country, as we love and serve the communities we live in and as we love serve our people.  We hope you will join us.


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Who is LaFe20 for?

The conference is for Latino college students of every heritage who want to explore how their cultural identity and faith connect and what that means for them on campus, in their families, in their communities and in the world.

When is it?

The conference runs from December 28-30.  

Where is it?

Online, the platform we will be using, is still being determined but you will know well in advance how to connect to LaFe20 when the conference kicks off on December 28th.


What will we do?

LaFe20 includes a mix of Scripture engagement, main session speakers, musical worship, liturgical worship, spiritual engagement via audio guides, small group, seminars, and familia. Every element is led by Latino leaders and put together with our communidad Latino in mind.  While we grieve the loss of being in person with one another, we believe that the Lord will still meet us in powerful and profound ways in the digital format.


How much does it cost?

Cost $50.   (A deposit of $30 due upon registration.)  

Who can I contact for more information?

Alanah Nantell is our Ops Coordinator you can reach her at: and Victoria Mejia is conference director. You can reach her at:  

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